Speech-Language Therapy

Speech therapy sessions always follow a detailed assessment. Usually, a speech therapy session lasts for 45-60 minutes. A range of specific goals will be developed as a part of your child’s therapy program. These goals are individually tailored for your child’s needs and will be explained to you in the first session of speech therapy. We have seen children progress faster and better when parents are actively involved in the intervention program. Parents will be empowered with various strategies to facilitate language learning throughout the day. Speech therapy sessions are usually done one-to-one in a structured setting. The child will be enrolled in a group (maximum 3 children) sessions if necessary. The frequency of speech therapy depends on the severity of the child’s problem and time availability. However, this decision is made jointly with the parents. 

Read through the following speech and language disorders that are commonly seen among children. The information will help you to understand what speech-language pathologists do.


Speech-Language Disorders in Children

Preschool language disorders
Speech sound disorders