We are in Negombo: September 2023

Now, you can meet our speech-language therapist, Dilini Rajakaruna, at Vision Care, Negombo.

Services Offered

At Negombo Vision Care, Dilini will offer a comprehensive range of speech therapy services tailored to meet the needs of both children and adults. These include:

  • Assessment and Diagnosis: Comprehensive evaluations to understand individual speech and communication challenges.
  • Therapy Sessions: Personalised therapy plans that focus on the client’s specific needs, using evidence-based practices to ensure effective outcomes.
  • Family Support and Education: Guidance and support for families, enabling them to effectively assist in developing and improving communication skills at home.

How to Schedule a Consultation

Please go through our website to schedule a consultation with Dilini Rajakaruna at Negombo Vision Care or call 0764221555 for information.