A Day of Giving: Children’s Day Event

For this Children’s Day at Words Speech Therapy, we embraced the spirit of giving by distributing storybooks and introducing our brand-new, home-based activity booklet—all designed to support and enrich children’s speech and language development.

We engaged with the dedicated parents who are already working with us to participate in a thoughtfully designed quiz about speech-language development. The parents who provided insightful answers were delighted to receive storybooks and our newly crafted activity booklets as rewards for their engagement.

These resources are more than gifts; they are key tools to foster children’s language and cognitive growth. The storybooks spark imagination and introduce new vocabulary, while our activity booklets offer a variety of fun and educational exercises that parents can explore with their children at home.

A heartfelt thank you to all the families who joined us in celebrating this special day. Your commitment inspires us and drives us forward in our mission to nurture future communicators.

Keep an eye on our upcoming events and new resources as we continue our journey to support and celebrate every child’s development!