The online assessment is the first step if you need to start speech therapy. Below is the process  about how we conduct online speech therapy sessions. You together with the therapist can decide what type of service program is best for you and your child.


  1. Speek to the speech therapists overther phone and disucss the initial details.
  2. Fill the basic details form which will be sent to you via email.
  3. Your basic details will be analyzed and the assessment will be planed. The details about how you need to prepare for the assessment will be sent
  4. Fix a time and date for the online assessment. A digital platform of your preference will be used to conduct the assessment.
  5. Once assessment is completed, the results and the therapy plan will be discussed.


We provide online intervention services in two different way.

  1. Direct Online Therapy
  2. Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

Goal: To provide parents with necessary guidelines to conduct activities to improve the speech-language communication skills of the child at home and clarify parents the doubts.

The child will not participate

Suitable for parents of children in the basic skill levels with low attention and for those who are not able to participate in direct online sessios

Direct Online

Goal: The child will directly interact with the therapist online get trained for various speech and language activities using interactive apps and games

Direct involvement of the child is necessary with a facilitator.

For children who have developed basic speech and language skills and for much older kids.