My son was having communication difficulties at the age of two. He was able to speak a few words and didn’t communicate like other children. His paediatrician advised us to start speech therapy and we consulted Buddhima. After a complete assessment, she planed Mandiv’s therapy program and advised us on what needs to be done. We could see how Mandiv improved day by day. He liked to go to speech therapy because she became a friend of Mandiv more than a therapist. We believe that we have selected the best therapist for our son. Now, my son is 8 years and attending a leading school in Colombo. The best of all is when he was selected to school Christmas drama. The achievements in Mandiv’s communication show that her hard work has been paid off. 

Mrs. Pinnadoowe

My son is five years old and has been receiving speech therapy from Buddhima for almost six months.  We couldn’t identify Autism at the initial stage. However, doctors diagnosed him when he was three and a half years.  We consulted a few doctors and therapists, but couldn’t find much improvement.  After we started intervention with Buddhima, he showed significant improvement  particularly in the areas of responsiveness, sitting & speech.  We hope her continues treatment will help him in entering the school.

Mr & Mrs. Perera

Buddhima is an excellent speech therapist with a big heart. She does not treat her patients as mere patients but takes a very personal interest in their well being and development. She is extremely methodical in her approach and is a good listener at the same time to the child as well as the parents concerned.

Of all the speech therapists that we contacted with regards our child’s speech delay, we found Buddhima to be the best given her extremely professional but friendly approach to resolving the speech-related issues. Under her guidance, our son improved in his speech-related issues in no time and she was guiding us about how we should change our own approach each stage of the way.

Over the years we have noticed that she is not just a speech therapist, but is also someone who has a deep knowledge and understanding of other special needs situations among children such as Autism, ADHD and Down Syndrome. Her intervention strategies have been highly effective and she has helped many parents with children who have faced different learning disorders. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her for the fantastic work she does in her area of specialisation.

Jenifer Rajah
I have been taking my daughter to Miss. Buddhima for speech therapy since she was two years old. Today four years down the line I’m so much grateful to Miss. Buddhima for all her effort put in as my daughters speech is sound and clear.  She is a wonderful lady who is good with children and my daughter loved attending her sessions without any hesitation. Thank you, Miss. Buddhima. Wishing you all the success.
Mrs. Jiffry

Dilini met my daughter, a little girl, about one year ago. When we met, she had less than 25 words that she could speak. Dilini and my daughter bonded almost instantly. She worked well to train my daughter. My daughter accepted her kind and loving nature and is now doing well. I knew from the beginning that Dilini was the right person for the job to help her learn.

The methods that she follows are excellent, and it works because now my daughter knows a large number of words, and now, she says a few three-word sentences as well.

As the weeks, months and years went on, Dilini continued to work with my daughter. Her genuine care for her was outstanding. She always wanted my daughter to succeed. When Dilini talks about my daughter, she always points out that she believes in her skills. That means so much to me as her mother. Thank you so much

Mr. & Mrs. Rathnayake

We are very happy with my son’s progress. He has picked & developed fast than expected over e past nine months, out of which much sessions are done on zoom. He experienced different learning than many newcomers. Whilst his progress, we thank Dilini for your involvement in coaching, naturing & developing, putting a lot of love and effort into moulding & bring him to this level. We are grateful we got the best & right speech therapist “Dilini”; we wish you all the best for your journey in this field.

Mother of a 5year old

We came to “WORDS SPEECH” when our daughter was just two and half years old and could only speak very few words, and now, after one year her class teacher calls her as a girl with perfect communication skills. All this progress was because of the immense effort and guidance of Ms. Dilini Rajakaruna from “WORDS SPEECH”

Happy Parents

Today as a mother with a smile on my face, I was able to write these words because of the dedication, hardworking, patience, and love of Mrs. Asanka Weerasinghe, who introduced us under the guidance of Mrs. Buddhima Samaraweera. Finally, our eldest son began to speak well. The son, who was two and half years old when we turned to you, spoke only two or three words and was pointing fingers at everything else. But because of the support Mrs. Asanka has given him over the last two years, today, he is a talented kid who speaks well. Every time we look at him, it is an indescribable honour that comes to our hearts for the service she has always done. If you continue this work, it will be a great opportunity for other parents who need your support. I wish you all the very best for team words speech therapy.

Happy mom

When Mishy turned two years old, we noticed that she was so different from other children her age. The paediatrician from the Maldives evaluated her and advised us to enrol her in a school.  When she was five years old, we decided to consult a paediatrician in Ninewells Hospital, Sri Lanka, and the doctor mentioned there were signs of Autism in Mishy, so we got a lot of tests done, and the doctor said Mishy had borderline Autism and she wasn’t completely normal. We returned to the Maldives and started speech therapy for Mishy, but we didn’t notice any difference, so we decided to come back to Sri Lanka and get her enrolled in Words Speech Therapy Center on 25/11/2021. In this short period of time, we have noticed huge progress in Mishy’s speaking and overall behaviour. And for that, I would like to thank Mishy’s therapist Ms.Gagani Gunasekara for all the hard work and effort she put into helping my daughter. We are really happy and satisfied with the service given by Words Speech Therapy Center and would like to thank the management as well for their kindness.

Mishy’s mom